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Irvine, CA

Irvine city is among Orange County’s fastest-growing cities, driven by its burgeoning tech industry and continuous development of new homes. Whether you are moving here for its peaceful, quiet, and safe neighborhood to start a family, or moving here as a young executives looking to see what Southern California has to offer, Irvine has a place for everyone.

Smart Garage Floors has proudly served the neighborhood as the Irvine epoxy floor installers since the early 2010s, completing numerous epoxy floor coating installations across communities like Woodbury, Cypress Village, and Stonegate. Our recent projects have focused on areas around the Great Park near Cadence Park, where many new homeowners are opting for epoxy floors in their new builds.

Given the consistently beautiful weather, with approximately 180 sunny days a year, homeowners often choose the beach sand color to complement their new homes. This tan hue creates the illusion of stepping onto soft white sand, making it a popular choice among coastal cities.

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Fullerton 2 car garage epoxy floor installation
Mission Viejo 2 car garage epoxy floor installation

Among many Irvine epoxy floor installers, we stand out because we believe in delivering excellent epoxy floor installations through three simple steps:


With just one phone call, our experienced epoxy floor installers can provide you with a quick quote over the phone, giving you a rough idea of the installation costs. Once you’re satisfied with the quotation, we’ll schedule a visit to your residence within the next few days to begin the installation.


On the scheduled date, our technician will arrive promptly at your residence to assess the garage. Using industry-standard materials, they’ll determine the required amount needed and begin the preparation process. From grinding the concrete floor to applying the primer, spreading the flakes evenly, and completing the epoxy process, the entire installation typically takes about 3-4 hours.

Final Check:

A few days after the epoxy floor installation, our technician will follow up with you to ensure your complete satisfaction with the installation. They’ll address any concerns you may have and ensure that the installation meets your expectations.